Self-Heal Sexual Abuse Now!

A survivor of clergy sexual abuse, Esther Hatfield Miller, transformed from victim, to survivor and emerged as a thriver, uses her uniquely crafted 5-step self-healing system; moving from CHAOS to CALM while having a BREAKTHROUGH instead of a BREAKDOWN! Using whimsy, humor & insight, Esther mentors victims how to do “Whoopass Healing” on their trauma from Sexual Abuse Trauma & Victimization so that victims create a more powerful, calm & drama-free life!

Educated at the University of Southern California, New Mexico State University, Texas Tech University & California State University at Northridge, Esther tweaked & implemented university level strategies, tactics & processes to begin to reinvent & self-heal her own trauma.

Esther’s personal journey is featured in international media & press events to include: New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, AP, Reuters, Orange County Register, Huffington Post, ABC/CBS/NBC television, Fox News, Sky News, CNN, Telemundo, Univision & Fusion TV direct cable shows, blog talk radio, NPR, Clear Channel’s KFI radio and many more.

Esther is a lively, vivid & quick-witted international speaker – speaking on behalf of voiceless victims of abuse. She has been involved in speaker’s series at colleges & universities lecturing about the international crime of Clergy Sexual Abuse and the process of “grooming.”

As a nontraditional trauma recovery coach and international survivor advocate, Esther continues advocacy work to stomp out sexual abuse & to abolish Statute of Limitations when it comes to sexual assault crimes committed against humanity. Her multilingual & multicultural advantage allows her to speak to groups both large & small, to encourage others how to “dwell in possibility,” and how to self-heal this crime against the mind, body & soul.

Esther is a contributing Best-selling Author, recipient of two prestigious Celebrity Press™ awards The Quilly® Award and Editor’s Choice Award, for her first book, “Answering The Call: Entrepreneurs and Professionals Reveal How They Said Yes to Success and You Can Too!”

Esther is recognized by The National Academy of Best-Selling Authors

Esther is a grandmother of 4, mother of 2 adult-daughters & wife of 1. You can find Esther briskly walking the dog beach in Huntington Beach, California along with her hubby, Bruce and sometimes even with her maltipoo grand-dog, Harry Connick, Jr.!

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