While most people have fretted over the perfect pumpkin pie recipe, Survivors of Sexual Abuse (young and old) have been fretting over that age old question: Do I stay or do I go?

Most Sexual Abuse survivors & victims alike have spent the days prior to any major holiday, especially the American Thanksgiving, knee deep in the overwhelm  of “should I go be with family” or “should I stay home alone.”

What gets sticky is not the gravy that may still be lingering, but the residual from the dilemma of not sitting down at the proverbial “Thanksgiving table” you know the table that’s embellished with a dry dead bird, gluten stuffing and mashed potatoes that at times resembles the mush in the Sexual Abuse victim mentality.

Other members of the victims’ family of origin aren’t even aware that if a victim did in fact show-up to take a seat at the Thanksgiving table; it has cost them mightily to drag their almost corpselike body there. The mental gymnastics has already taken its toll on the Sexual Abuse victim body; toggling back and forth from “should I stay or should I go,” weighs heavily on a victims mindset.

Have you ever noticed the one relative that seems out of sorts and hasn’t even imbibed on any holiday liquid gold yet? It’s safe to say; they are holding that deep dark secret and ugly shame of abuse.

Once at the holiday meal, many Sexual Abuse victims are still second guessing their decision, “why didn’t I just stay home alone?” The festive meal doesn’t seem so bright; in fact, it has glimpses of dark billowy shadows.

Black Friday has a whole new meaning for victims, when that dark black cloud of Sexual Abuse keeps lingering like the spilled gravy that gets sticky & crackled dry…similar to a worn out mindset.  The black is that tattoo-like image that reads “abused” that is indelible, illegible and archival; yet no one seems to notice except the victim.

It’s no wonder a Sexual Abuse victim may be relieved when there’s NO MORE TURKEY but spends a lifetime scraping off the lingering holiday gravy!