Self-Heal Sexual Abuse Now!

Want Esther to come share humor, whimsy & insight with your group?

People say, “you just don’t meet Esther, you EXPERIENCE Esther!”

Select one of the SPEAKER TOPICS & schedule her to motivate your group:

  1. Whoopass Healing of your Sexual Abuse & Trauma. Go from Chaos to Calm!
  2. Tame the trauma triggers cuz they’re not your friend!
  3. Are you still riding the “Shame Bicycle” to judgement-ville?
  4. Putting G-D on a P.I.P (Personal Improvement Plan)!
  5. Here Comes the GROOM – yikes!
  6. Get up off the Therapy Couch & get a life – A LIFE COACH, that is!

Esther’s’ speaker fee is negotiable & might be pro-bono if it includes fun food & maybe a cute pair of shoes!