We ain’t talkin TURKEY so let’s reverse engineer your TURKEY DAY…

Truth be told, many Sexual Abuse survivors/victims may be in complete overwhelm and have spent days prior to the “thanksgiving meal” doing the mental chatter game. Not only are victims deciding if they should just stay home alone but they’re also juggling the notion of just how long they can last seated at that family table.
If you are one of these survivors doing mental gymnastics, here’s a few self-help, self-empowering tips you can use as you head for the Thanksgiving Table:

Step 1: Ask the host, “Approximately what time will we eat?” Then back into that time frame to arrive closest to “chow time.”

Step 2: Ask the host, “What time would you like me to arrive?” If the host wants you there excessively early, disclose that you’ve allocated a certain time for your thanksgiving day to manage your health & wellness and trying to conserve your energy to be fully present on Thanksgiving. Idol or gap time, is not beneficial for survivors; it’s a potential disaster for unknown festering to rear its’ ugly head.

Step 3: Determine in advance, how long you can tolerate hanging around after the dessert is consumed. Most people prefer up to 1 hour “lingering” after devouring the pumpkin or pecan pie!

Step 4: Offer to help clean-up or tidy-up. Consider adding 15-20 minutes to your personal timeframe for this.

Step 5: Gently announce that you’ll be leaving soon after the pie is eaten as you “don’t want to overstay your welcome!”

Here’s to doing truly remarkable reverse engineering on your Turkey Day!

For more tips to deal with Holiday turmoil, survivor stress and self-healing sexual abuse visit us at www.whoopasshealing.com. If you get triggered during the holidays, grab a free taming trauma triggers blueprint at www.abusehealed.com